Hi–I’m Jerildine.
Welcome to Whisper of Yum!

My husband (the guy who designed + built this site) and I created this repository of my go-to, simple-ish recipes I whip up for fam + friends. I keep it simple and straight to the point; brief description, ingredients, and steps. If it looks good and you feel so inclined to make it, I'll spare you the endless scrolling through extra details and get right to it.

This blog has been a long time coming. While studying nutritional sciences and dietetics in college, the early hobby of cooking and taking pictures of food developed into a passion for understanding food on a granular level.

I get down on making all sorts of eats, especially Filipino dishes from my childhood, oh–and soup (regardless of the season). A lot of what I know about cooking I learned from my momma, and as this blog grows, you'll see a lot of that goodness shared here.

I don't subscribe to any particular diet or deter from any food categories. Put simply, I vet ingredients to ensure it's sans the junk. I believe in balance and the summative parts of whole foods contribute to the well-being of the individual.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the content.