• Grilled Corn with Miso Butter

    By Jeri Mobley-Arias

    Grilled corn on the cob is a summer staple–lathering it with miso butter is a bonus. Get ready to make this easy and soon-to-be-favorite side that you can't go without.

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    • Grilled Corn with Miso Butter

      Right about now, all I want is ready-in-a zip eats, minimal prep, and something that ranks high on the flavor radar–and this grilled corn with miso butter fits the bill. Grilled Corn with Miso Butter is a easy-to-make umami-filled side dish that pairs superbly with grilled meats or vegetables.

      What Makes this Grilled Corn with Miso Butter So Special?
      1. For starters, who doesn’t love grilled corn on the cob?
      2. Miso butter adds a delicate balance of buttery, umami flavor that I can’t get enough of.
      3. Grilled corn with miso butter pairs incredibly well with your grilled meats and vegetables
      Tips on How to Pick an Ear of Corn

      Here’s a few tips on how to pick sweet, beautifully tasting corn everytime, without having to pull the husks bak to take a peek:

      1. Choose corn with __ bright green husks__ that are hugging the ear of corn.
      2. You know the little hairs that sprout out from the top? Those are referred to as tassels. Opt for tassels that are gold or light brown. Dry, mushy or black tassels as is an indication of old corn.
      3. Give it a good feel: Squeeze the corn and get a good feel for the kernels, making sure it is full throughout.
      What is Miso?

      Miso is a Japanese fermented paste made of soybeans and koji (mold that’s also used to make sake and soy sauce), that work together to break down the structure of the beans and ferment over the course of weeks or years.

      Although many associate miso with miso soup, its use far surpasses that of warm, slurpin’ goodness. Miso paste serves as a great marinade, a great addition to dressings, cookie dough sauces, soups, and umami accompaniment to vegetables, seafood and meats, and personally, one of my most favored secret weapon in my pantry.

      What Type of Miso Should You Use for This Recipe?

      There are many types of miso, from light to dark in color, red, yellow, white; the depth of color lending to its unique flavor. Flavor profile also varies; salty, sweet, earthy, pungent, and bold–each having a unique flavor and use in foods.

      For this recipe, I go for white miso as it’s great for using in light sauces, dressings, marinades, and especially great for making miso butter. The flavor profile of white miso is slightly sweet and nutty, which is ideal for this grilled corn recipe. See here for the miso I use to for this recipe, which can be found at most Japanese or Asian markets.

      Tips for Making Grilled Corn with Miso Butter:
      1. Remove unsalted butter from the refrigerator 1½ hours before getting started. You want to make sure the butter is softened enough so that it’s easy to mix with miso.
      2. Go for the freshest corn. See above for tips on choosing a solid ear of corn, everytime.
      3. This recipe calls for unsalted butter due to the richness of the miso paste. Substituting with salted butter may result in overly salted miso butter, and no one wants that.
      Special Equipment

      Keeping this one easy for you, all you need is:

      • Outdoor grill or
      • Grill pan
      • Tongs
      • Basting brush
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  • Grilled Corn with Miso Butter

    By Jeri Mobley-Arias

    Grilled corn on the cob is a summer staple–lathering it with miso butter is a bonus. Get ready to make this easy and soon-to-be-favorite side that you can't go without.

    • Total Time:
      15 minutes
    • Servings:
      4 ears of corn


    • 4 ears of corn, husks removed
    • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
    • 1 tablespoon white miso paste


    1. Preheat grill or grill pan over medium/high heat.
    2. Add butter and miso paste to a small bowl and mix until both ingredients are well incorporated. Set aside.
    3. Place corn on grill and cook until kernels begin to char, 4-5 minutes, then rotate. Continue cooking until all sides have char to desired preference.
    4. Serve corn while hot and lather with miso butter.
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